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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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that opened up on the gw parkway. work is under way now to fill it up, but it has been slow, because of the day's rain. >> that means commuters can expect major backups in the next several hours. the hole is ten feet wide, shut down southbound lanes at route 123 this morning. it took some drivers more than two hours to get to work. transportation reporter adam tuss is live where the traffic headaches are continuing. adam? >> reporter: pat, it has been a traffic nightmare for most of the day today. but there is some good news tonight. crews are making quick work of the hole out here. take a look. you can see it used to go down way farther than that. they filled it in and the paving is expected to start shortly. it is raining and that has been slowing things down a little bit. want to show earlier video of the sinkhole. and we can tell you that the southbound gw parkway is not an option right now. and it probably won't be for the next couple hours.
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we caught up with one man from out of town headed this way and now says he's staying put in town. >> so i'm going to duck into my son's house for the night and lay over one more night. i've been with friends in d.c. yes, my son is one of your local residents, and homeowners over in great falls. >> tell him to put something good on for dinner, right? >> absolutely roll out the red carpet. >> reporter: we are going to have to deal with this for a little longer, but again, crews ar making quick work out here. they expect the contractor out here just told me not long ago he expects the lanes here on the southbound parkway near spout run could reopen by 7:00 tonight. by tomorrow morning, this should definitely be an option for you. send it back into you guys. today's weather sure isn't helping that situation. it's been wet and dreary all day. >> and now there is more rain, even some sleet en route. let's get straight to storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson with your storm cast.
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>> not much in the way of sha sleet. we had just a little more this morning, mainly to our north and west. but take a look. storm team 4 tracking radar here for you. and you can see, off to the west more moving in right there around petersburg, frostburg, elkin, mid to high-level elevations getting a little bit of that sleet. and more rain just off to the west areas through west virginia and down through kentucky. this is what's going to be moving into our area starting at about 6:00. and lasting up until about 11:00 p.m. to midnight. and because of the possibility of more frozen precipitation in the form of sleet, maybe some light snow, that winter weather advisory stays up until 1:00 a.m. for frederick, winchester and luray. look at the temperatures across the area now. these are the only areas, hagerstown at 33, martinsburg at 35. i'll show the road temperatures and what's next for us, another big swing. that's coming up in a few minutes. now to breaking news. a georgetown university law student is suing the school,
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kersher israel synagogue over allegations a rabbi secretly recorded her during a ritual bath. the plaintiff says she was taking rabbi barry freundel's jewish study class, when he suggested she take the ritual and required her to participate in the immersion. kersher israel fired freundel last week. georgetown says it will not comment about the lawsuit but has started its own investigation. our news4 i-team broke the news on twitter this afternoon, and is working now to learn more for news4 at 5:00. now to a developing story out of montgomery county, where a woman was found dead in her apartment. news4's wendy rieger at the live desk with what we have learned since we first got to the scene on news4 midday. wendy? >> reporter: detectives just tweeted they do not believe the crime in rockville was random. we don't know the victim's name yet. but we do know that she was found stabbed to death in an apartment. that building where this happened is on old georgetown
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road and chapman road near the white flint metro station. someone called 911 around 10:00 this morning and right now detectives are talking to the victim's roommate. violent crime is highly unusual for this area, and no one has been charged yet. but investigators say they do not believe that the public is in any danger. >> this is a quiet area of montgomery county. along rockville pike. there is a metro station close by. a lot of shopping and restaurants and not a lot of serious crime. >> investigators are playing this close to their vest, not releasing details now, but we will bring anything we get to you as soon as we find out. back to you. events in ferguson, missouri, continue to spark demonstrations here in our area. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> no justice! >> no peace! >> right now, students at george
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washington university are holding a die-in on campus to protest michael brown's death. it started at noon, and is scheduled to last four and a half hours to symbolize the time brown's body remained on the street after he was shot by officer darren wilson. visit our website, to see the pictures we have posted from twitter and instagram. right now, president obama is touring the research center at the national institutes of health in bethesda. he's getting the latest on the fight against ebola, including some encouraging early results on a new vaccine. the nih plans to start new trials with the vaccine in west africa by the beginning of the year. meantime, the cdc just announced which hospitals are ready to treat ebola patients, only 35 are certified. and several are here in our area. nih is on the list. so are med star washington, children's and george washington university hospitals in the district. there are two hospitals in baltimore and one in richmond. a republican strategy is in
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place this afternoon it to oppose the president's executive actions on immigration without risking a government shutdown. this as homeland security secretary jeh johnson testified on capitol hill today that all of the president's immigration moves are legal. president obama used executive powers to allow more than 4 million undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the u.s. temporarily. republican house speaker john boehner says their options are limited, while democrats control the senate. >> this is a serious breach of our constitution, it's a serious threat to our system of government. >> and i'm satisfied as a lawyer myself and the person who has to come here and defend these actions that what we have done is well within our existing legal authority. >> the house plans to vote this week on a resolution, disapproving the president's executive actions on immigration and will vote next week to fund the government. nbc news is reporting that an announcement about the next
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defense secretary could come as early as tomorrow. the new nominee is expected to be ashton carter. he is no stranger to the pentagon. having previously served as deputy defense secretary. the incoming chairman of the senate armed services committee, john mccain, says he believes carter is qualified to be secretary. baltimore's mayor is saying no to body cameras for the city's police officers. at least for now. stephanie rollings-blake vetoed the plan saying she supports the idea of cameras, just not the way the bill proposed them. she says things like maintenance and privacy are major concerns. this comes just a day after president obama asked congress to fund cameras for more agencies all over the country, in light of the unrest in ferguson. plans to build a new professional soccer stadium in the district are moving council approval this afternoon. the 20,000-seat stadium would be built near the nats park. d.c. united owners would build the $150 million stadium.
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the district would pay about $150 million to acquire the land and make improvements. news4's tom sherwood will have more on what the deal means to the city in our next hour. air bags that can do more harm than good. more people affected by an already huge air bag recall. we'll tell you who it's affecting. >> my wife, she can do no wrong. >> ray rice breaking his silence to nbc. what he says about the domestic violence case and what he wishes he would have said to his wife.
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we have new details this afternoon in yesterday's deadly shootings in the morgantown area of west virginia. a towing company owner killed his ex-girlfriend, two men she was having a relationship with, and the owner of a rival tow
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truck business. then after a 12-hour man hunt, police found the shooter, jodi hunt, dead in his pickup truck. he had shot himself. hunt had indicated on his facebook page that he was having relationship problems. automakers are recalling more of those potentially dangerous air bags today. millions of takata air bags have been recalled across the country. now six additional southern states are included. defective air bags can inflate with too much force and release flying pieces of metal. the malfunction is affected by humidity. takata's chairman responded, assuring customers it is the company's, quote, primary mission to make products that save lives and prevent injuries. he says takata will address recalls and that takata will not rest until he says we have all issues relating to the performance of our air bag product. people in virginia could soon be making more money. democratic state senator dave marsden who represents fairfax
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county says he wants the commonwealth to join the growing number of states that are increasing their minimum wages. he says his plan kbraully increases the state's minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by the year 2017. this plan faces an uncertain future. just this year, a similar plan died in the state house. gone without a trace. a mother's plea almost a week after her son disappeared on thanksgiving. plus, the results are in. the year's biggest baby names, as well as the one name making a comeback.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. first at 4:00, get ready, folks. a second dose of rain as well as some wintry weather are on our doorstep. >> storm team 4 is keeping a close eye on it. meteorologist veronica johnson joins us in just a moment. now to a developing story about a missing college student. the search for shane montgomery is intensifying. >> he was last seen at a bar with friends in the early hours of thanksgiving, as denise nakano reports, his friends and family are shocked there aren't more clues. >> this is heart wrenching, this is horrible. >> reporter: karen and kevin montgomery say they refuse to lose hope going into day six of the search for their missing son. >> i have not seen my son or heard from my son in five days. this is killing me. >> reporter: tonight, while they were surrounded by family, shane montgomery's childhood friend
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stopped by to check on them. they are also in disbelief over the lack of tips and clues in shane's disappearance. >> now five days later, i mean, it's -- we're still at the same spot we were thursday night. >> what's the next step, you know, what do we do? >> reporter: karen and kevin montgomery say they believe investigators are doing all they can to find their son. they searched the ground, in the water, and the fbi called on philadelphia police chopper, tac air to circle the street and canal area. shane's family and friends spent another day posting flyers. >> we just want signs everywhere. >> reporter: the last place anyone saw him, killdare's said he had a $17 tab for three beers and was polite and respectful, something his family says is his character. >> i knew he wasn't drunk or ineastbound rated. >> right now we're staying still. we just need one thing to point us in the right direction.
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and i think that we're bringing shane home. >> westchester university in pennsylvania where shane was a student is planning a candlelight vigil on campus tomorrow night. ray rice isn't the only nfl player making headlines. adrian peterson's appeal hearing just ened for the day after three hours. it will continue thursday. the former minnesota vikings star is trying to get his job back. nfl commissioner roger goodell suspended him for the rest of the season for violating the league's personal conduct policy. peterson pleaded no contest to child abuse allegations after injuring his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch. right now, millions are bracing for a huge rain storm. check it out. heavy rain slamming parts of southern california this afternoon. it's an area that's been dealing with drought, which could make the flooding worse. people are gearing up with sandbags to protect their properties and many folks are worried the rain could trigger landslides.
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are we going to be out of this rainy pattern ourselves soon? >> yeah, in the next couple hours. but for anybody hitting the road, especially traveling north or out west, need to use caution, because there is the possibility it could get slick. let's take a look and see what's going on across the area now. storm team 4 radar, moisture back over our area showing up as a little bit of light showers and drizzle around gaithersburg, maybe a drop or two around bethesda. but more of that rain off to the west. and yes, it is awfully gloomy out there. our visibility is just over a mile. look at the bigger batch of rain here, frostburg, areas toward petersburg and blue grass. and it's those locations up here, williamsport too, i-80 and toward frostburg, even 70 around frederick, maryland, martinsburg, there could be icing setting up late and could be enough to accumulate on bridges and overpasses so not the main roads. all this way making its way up and into our area. so for now up until 11:00 p.m.,
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the possibility of wet roads, temperatures for the most part, upper 30s to low 40s and i think even rising slightly a degree or two over the next couple hours for many neighborhoods. again, except for western maryland, areas of west virginia and pennsylvania. by morning, no slick spots. we're dry. in fact, the wind will help to dry things out. it's going to be breezy after midnight and through most of the early part of the day tomorrow. wanted to show you those early morning temperatures to assure you i do not think we're going to have icy spots on area roads from la plata, 42 to 39 in hagerstown, maryland. even cumberland should see temperatures in the mid to upper 80s early tomorrow morning. future weather, 5:00. again, that rain moving back in, so 7:00 we're fairly wet throughout the area with that next batch moving through. by 10:00 or 11:00 p.m., out of here. still a fair a. clouds left around the area, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy, so you're not going to need the sunglasses, but you will need a jacket. light jacket to get by. your afternoon we're mild. and you'll remember tomorrow as
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a mostly cloudy day. at times, we could go partly sunny, but for the most part, mostly cloudy. here's a quick look at thursday. cool conditions back, temperatures drop under a partly sunny day. impact forecast for tomorrow is going to be low. dry conditions. and, yes, mild. we'll continue the roller coaster ride on temperatures here. 55 to 61 degrees across the area. so nice and mild again tomorrow. but again, a fair amount of clouds across the area. look at your storm team four-day forecast. 46 on thursday. 48 degrees on friday. 47 degrees on saturday. and we'll talk about how much rain we'll get out of the next weather system and how it will impact your weekend. guys? >> thanks, vj. if there were a huh of fame for baby names, sophia and jackson would definitely be in there. >> baby is out with its list of the most popular baby names for 2014. sophia remains number one for girls, followed by emma and olivia. the top three girls' names have not changed for three years now.
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but madeline is new to the top ten list, bumping out cloudy. the top three boys names, jackson still most popular, aiden and lee am round out the top three. caden and logan are now to the boys' list, bunching out jaden and jack. >> we have been bumped off that list for a while. pat and jim have. >> have we been there? >> i don't know. old school. getting cash for your commute, it's a deal that could convince you to share the ride to work. plus, 'tis the season for spending, spending, spending. but wait until you hear how much you spend on people who you don't even like. >> ooh. and keeping the holiday simple. we'll show the best ways to get the holiday shopping gifts through the mail in time, and under budget. and we want to hear from you today about the stories that you're talking about. first at 4:00. like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. we're coming right back.
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♪ how much money are you spending on gifts for people you don't like? >> and are you among those blaming the post office after you have forgotten to buy a gift? 99.5's cain joins us with stories people are talking about. this might get us into trouble. so a new survey asks shoppers if they're buying gifts for people they don't like. >> yes, believe it or not,
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people do this out of obligation. you spend $127 a year buying for three different people on your list that you're obligated to buy presents for. this could be a house party you're showing up to, you don't like the people, but you have to for work. it works out to about $42 per frenemy. and it's an obligation thing. you show up and you feel like you've got to bring something. believe it or not, 55% of people forgot a gift for someone. number one person they blamed was the post office. >> wow. >> for that. have you ever bought a gift for someone you didn't like? >> no. >> i was thinking, why would i waste good money? >> i know. i could see the obligation. >> that's a nice dinner, though. >> i know it is. >> nice thing to do. the holidays also mean tips for personal care workers and others. but another survey finds couples argue over the right amount to tip. >> now, it's about the guilt of having to tip. now, women feel guilty if they know they should tip a hairdresser but don't. and this is in addition to just the one-time tip you get for getting your hair done.
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this is an annual tip you give at the holidays, a huge difference. tips range between 20 and $60 for child care workers, babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, hairstylists. men don't feel any gift at all. if we know we should tip you and don't, it's like well, tough year. >> good luck in that january haircut. >> i know, not me. >> hey, what do you get if auto cross a tennis star with a star linebacker? >> this is a big rumor that was going down. apparently these two were spotted. now, have you played tennis with carolyn before? >> i have seen her before. she is great. >> apparently she is hooking up with redskin ryan kerrigan and we've got exclusive news these two were spotted together. neither wanted to comment on their status of being together or not. but obviously he is a little different than rory mckill roy who she had that very public breakup with after that engagement -- yes! >> tickets to give away. >> yes, soldout jingle ball, which is in two weeks at verizon
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center. we have tickets for you at 7:25 and 8:25 tomorrow morning. >> all right. sounds great. >> every year. >> i like your shirt. >> i like yours too. >> thanks, buddy. they look a lot alike. not your average tuesday. why an app could make a big difference for a lot of people this holiday season. >> we say things to each other that we want to take back at times? yeah, we cross that line before. >> ray rice in his own words today. what the former raven says about his marriage after the dispute with his wife that was caught on camera.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. first at 4:00, keep that umbrella and that heavy coat handy. >> storm team 4 radar starting to light up behind us with rain, be even some sleet and snow that are rolling into our region. it comes just as so many folks try to make it home from work. >> let's get the latest from storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. vj, how bad is it going to get? >> i don't think it's going to be as sloppy as the morning rush, but certainly another round of some chilly, mostly rain moving back in. here's the leading edge right now. frostburg, winchester, and down toward luray and charlottesville. that's the leading edge. but as we said, for the next couple hours, it's going to be with us until about 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., so just on the other side of hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. when it steps in, some of the higher spots from frederick county, maryland, west, loudoun county, northern fauquier
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county, that's where there could be a little bit of icing on bridges and overpasses. so here's the way it's looking right now. your skycast 4, that rain moves in, and by tomorrow morning, we're going to start drying out. the rain ends, again, by 11:00 p.m. midnight. sunshine for us tomorrow on tap. but another chilly dayoming up for us as we look toward the end of the week. from 40 degrees today to a high temperature going up to 70. we're riding the roller coaster temperatures yet again and wait until you see the next plunge we take. in just a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. he's asking for a second chance. today former ravens' running back ray rice broke his long public silence with an exclusive interview with matt lauer. >> he talked about the valentines night elevator assault on his then fiancee and now wife, janay rice, and the soul searching that followed. barbara harrison is here with details. >> pat, jim, ray rice says he's been to counseling where he did not find a sympathetic ear. standing in his in-law's kitchen
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with his wife janay and mother-in-law and father-in-law, rice said counseling, in his words, ripped him apart and put him back together. >> my wife is an angel. she can do no wrong. i take full responsibility for my actions. this is something, you know, as a man, you have to own and, you know, we're horribly sorry. and i'm horribly sorry for everything that, you know, i have to put my family through. i still have got to live every day, go take my daughter to school, she's going to grow up and the way the internetworks now, she is going to google her father's name and the first that is going to come up is -- you know, we know what's going to come up. no relationship is perfect. we have had arguments. but when you talk about abuse, you know, that's something that, you know, we know that. we never crossed that path. but then did we say things to each other that -- do we want to take back at times? yeah, we crossed that line before. but it never got to an
4:33 pm
altercation whe that went that far, you know. that was just -- very uncharacteristic of, you know, myself. i've never -- like, i take responsibility. that was very uncharacteristic. >> we auto want to just -- we all just want our lives back. i realize football was one thing. but now i realize that the amount of people we have affected, the amount of families we have affected, that, you know, domestic violence is a real issue in society. you know. we could take our one bad night and just happened to be on video. but we are truly sorry to the people that are really going through it. >> in july, the nfl suspended ray rice for two games. when a more graphic video of the altercation went public in september, he was released by the ravens and suspended indefinitely from the nfl. well last friday, an arbitrator overturned that suspension, saying rice was being punished twice. now he's hoping a new team will take a chance on him.
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>> you know, they would have to be willing to, you know, look deeper into who i am and realize that my wife and i had one bad night and i took full responsibility for it. and one thing about my punishment and everything going along with anything that happens is that i've accepted it. i went fully forward with it. i never complained, i never did anything like that. i took full responsibility for everything that i did. and the only thing i can hope for and wish for is a second chance. >> well, espn is reporting that a few teams have expressed interest in rice, but with just four weeks left in the regular season, signing with a new team this year may be a long shot. still, some observers have pointed out that america loves a redemption story. pat, jim? >> barbara, thank you. we want to know what you think. does ray rice deserve a second chance after his recent interview? vote by texting or calling the number on your screen. also vote on our facebook and twitter pages.
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record numbers of people are taking guns to airports and trying to get them past security. the transportation security administration says agents detect a 2,000 firearms at check points nationwide in the first 11 months of the year. that's already about 200 more guns than tsa agents found in all of last year. fines can be as high as $11,000 for a single violation. we're learning more now about a potential intelligence coup against isis. lebanese security officials tell nbc news that the lebanese army has arrested one of the wives of the isis leader. she and a small child were detained after they tried to enter lebanon with forged identification papers. the woman may have a wealth of information about isis and its inner workings, she was detained nine days ago and is still being questioned in lebanon. for the first time, we are hearing directly from the italian cruise ship captain blamed for the cost at that
4:36 pm
concordia disaster back in 2012. in his first court testimony today, he denied steering the ship close to that tiny island off italy. to impress a woman he brought to the bridge. instead he said he wanted to please the ship's mater deand provide a nighttime spectacle. he forced the evacuation of 432 passengers. 32 were killed. a spending movement is gaining ground and it has nothing to do with online sales or door-buster deals. today is giving tuesday. the goal is to boost donations to charitable causes and thanks to a new app, you can watch the generosity grow. it's from the website crowd rice. it creates a virtual tower. each brick is a picture of the person who donated. the more people who contribute to a charity, the taller the
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tower gets. >> right now, the tower is -- it's already surpassed washington monument in terms of height. >> so a trend today online called unselfies. people are taking pictures of themselves, showing support for giving. for a look at how you can donate to a reputable charity in the d.c. area, go to and search giving tuesday. it could be a way to get you to share a ride to work. commuter connections is sweetening the pot just in time for the opening of the new i-95 express lanes. new carpoolers who use those lanes will be eligible for $230 over three months. plus a $100 bonus. the carpool has to include at least three people. the express lanes in virginia are set to open sometime this month. when that alarm clock just isn't enough, we'll tell you why some doctors now say oversleeping may not be your fault at all. a mother and her baby kicked
4:38 pm
to the curb, and it was all caught on camera. how they're doing now, and what the thief was after. the umbrella, the heavy coat and the storm team 4 app are all you need to get through this latest wave of rain, download it now and get our alerts at any time.
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first at 4:00, news for your health. if you or someone you know tend to oversleep, it may not be your fault at all. researchers looked at the dna of
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more than 50,000 people and found that those who often oversleep have genetic mutations that may be associated with thyroid hormones. researchers are looking into how that mutation occurs. someone is holding the million-dollar winner, a powerball ticket bought in lorton sold in saturday's drawing. the winner has 180 days from the drawing to claim the prize. 13, 24, 30, 42, 48 and the powerball number, 27. this ticket matched the first five numbers, and missed only the powerball number. a maryland town is having a tough time getting a handle on the battle against bedbugs. the hagerstown housing authority says they have been trying to get rid of bedbugs. the problem has lingered the past four years, according to
4:42 pm, costing the city $100,000 a year. the agency has one staff member dedicated, but says many tenants refuse to let the exterminators in to kill the gs. kevin arnold stole america's heart back in the '80s. now relics from "the wonder years" can be seen in the smithsonian. cast members were on hand today. fred savage donated his football jacket. he said he had his mom save it for him all these years with the hopes it would one day wind up in the smithsonian and it did. the "wonder years" collection is at the national museum of american history. live to the u.s. capitol. a holiday celebration about to get under way. members of congress getting ready to light the capitol christmas tree. the ceremony start at 5:00, just a few minutes from now. the tree this year from a forest in minnesota. it stopped in 30 communities
4:43 pm
before reaching washington. it will be lit from nightfall until 11:00 p.m. every night. on thursday, the national christmas tree will be lit near the white house. >> and the scaffolding looks good too. getting those holiday gifts in the mail should be easy. we're going to show you some of the best and cheapest ways to make sure they make it there on time. storm team 4 is tracking another wave of rain. we'll tell you if your neighborhood is about to see more raindrops or perhaps a few snowflakes. first at 4:00.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. welcome back to news4 at 4:00. we have you covered from a wet evening to a complicated commute to simplifying your holidays. >> our reporters and anchors standing by now with new stories first at 4:00. vj, up first. how are the roads looking now? >> some folks traveling to the north say up around frederick, maryland, toward western virginia will have to use some caution on area roads. bridges and overpasses, especially the concern there. so let's talk about it on radar. first storm team 4 radar. tracking that new area of rain that really is just on the verge of heading into our area. still right now around i-81, but it is eastbound, and for a couple of hours it is going to be wet once it moves in. let's take a look from hagerstown to martinsburg and winchester. the bigger batch, the areas in pink you're seeing around
4:47 pm
frostbu dn around areas of shenandoah valley. this is where there is a little bit of mixing taking place, a little bit of freezing rain. and, again, the concern then as we zoom in areas out 68 here, around kaiser, 50, even to 20, there could be some spots that get a little slick if you've got to drive out that way. same thing around whartonsville, slick roads. and while the rain hasn't gotten to hagerstown or frederick, maryland, yet, there could be some slick spots as well. again, it all really depends on the temperatures. not just the air temp, but the road temperatures and monitoring that has been meteorologist doug kammerer in storm center 4. >> we have been talking about how this would not be a big event as far as winter weather is concerned. we had some mixing off to the west but temperatures above freezing the last 24 hours. take a look at what we're dealing with toward reston, the drizzle and the fog continue. but the roads just wet.
4:48 pm
we talked about this yesterday. currently 37 degrees in d.c. 36 in reston and manassas. 35 in martinsburg. 33 in hagerstown. so that's the area that we're going to be watching. so watch out as you make your way back towards the west. we could see some areas close to that freezing mark. and these are the road temperatures now well above freezing around the d.c. metro area. so now problems there. a little closer as you get toward the north. so we'll continue to monitor that situation, but right now the roads just on the wet side, and not the frozen side. vj? >> right. and the intensity of the rain, you're not going to need the big umbrella. don't think you're going to see anything too heavy, but certainly with light and moderate rain moving in, you're going to need your rain gear here for the next couple hours. the morning, dry. the roads just fine. 45 degrees. the temperature by then -- in fact, temperatures going up a little bit during the overnight period. we'll top out on the mild side of things tomorrow, mid to upper 50s across the area. and then we're going to get ready for another plunge. but look at how temperatures rise tomorrow. 52 at 11:00 a.m.
4:49 pm
58 degrees, almost 60 in a lot of neighborhoods by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. so a low-impact day for us. it is going to be dry, but more wet weather is expected to move in as we look ahead from a high temperature of 58 degrees. here's a look at your storm team four-day forecast. 48 degrees on friday with a 30% chance of rain right now. your weekend, a 70% chance. on saturday, a smaller chance. on sunday, yes, this weekend, is looking right now a bit overcast, and wet with temperatures topping out just under the average mark. so the roller coaster ride continues. we've got a lot more of your weekend weather coming up. and what's next for us this evening as this latest batch of rain just now moving in. guys? >> all right, veronica, thanks. now some stories we're working on in our news room tonight. in light of the ray rice and adrian peterson cases, capitol hill takes up the recurring issue of domestic violence in the sports world. and an emerging problem in our local schools. which classrooms are getting an influx of students?
4:50 pm
and i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we are staying on top of this sinkhole that is causing ongoing delays for drivers tonight. that ground opened up in cauti a ripple effect for traffic tonight, not just along that road. we're going to show what you need to know as well as when that road can finally reopen for you. we'll have all that coming up on news4 at 5:00 in just a few minutes. i'll see you then. >> all right, wendy. well, we've all been there. your package isn't delivered on time or worse, it's lost or stolen. >> we don't like that. consumer reporter erika gonzales tells us now the best ways to avoid those shipping woes in time for the holidays. >> there are so many packages being delivered this year. so if you want to get one out to me, jim handly. >> okay. >> i'll give my address. >> to the office. >> that's right. the u.s. postal service expects to deliver an additional 50 million packages between thanksgiving and new year's eve compared to last year. consumer reports tells us how to help our shipments reach their
4:51 pm
destination on time. don has plenty of worries about holiday shipping from his customers. >> generally, the biggest complaints we have is the condition of a box when it arrives. >> reporter: packaging that showed up damaged was a problem for half of those in a "consumer reports" survey. the most common complaint, high shipping fees. to find the best deal, shopping expert todd marks checked out rates for the u.s. post office, federal express and u.p.s. >> we compared the basic price to ship a three-pound package like this from our new york headquarters to plano, texas. we shipped it three ways. standard overnight, second-day and ground shipment. >> reporter: the u.s. postal supervise was the least expensive every time. for example, its rate for second-day delivery was about $12. the fedex and u.p.s. rates were more than $60. another gripe. valuable packages left outside the door. that happened to more than half those surveyed, and about four
4:52 pm
in ten have had a package go missing. >> if you're shipping valuable items, you might want to consider insurance. with u.p.s. and fedex, you're automatically covered for $100. >> reporter: the post office automatically insures most priority mail express shipments for up to $100. >> but you can always buy additional insurance if your item is really expensive. >> reporter: and a final complaint. 55% said a package wasn't delivered when promised. don gives his customers some simple advice. >> if you want to get it there on time and not pay a lot of money, ship early. >> reporter: that's right. ship early. here are some of the deadlines to keep in mind. if you're shipping through the postal service, ship standard post by december 14th. for delivery by christmas eve. i've tweeted these out, as well. so you can look for them on my twitter account. for fedex ground delivery, ship by december 17th. again, this is all for christmas eve arrival. and for u.p.s. ground shipments. ship by december 15th for
4:53 pm
delivery by christmas eve. so you may have to put that extra insurance on those expensive earrings you're going to send me, jim. >> i already got yours, wrapping. >> lovely. >> tonight at 5:00, a big story, an update on the information on that major air bag recall. >> that's right. air bag maker takata is responding to the government's push for a nationwide recall. so far, it has not complied to the government's request. we're going to have more on how takata's decision will affect consumers at 5:00. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, send us an e-mail. and 885-4884. >> we'll see you at 5:00. >> thank you. a mother minding her business, knocked to the ground with her baby strapped to her chest. what police say this guy was after. >> a year ago, gary wasn't even walking. today, take a look at this. i'm david culver in mclean coming up, the story behind this remarkable recovery.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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right now, several buildings and schools remain in the dark after a major power outage. a cable failure in downtown detroit was to blame. traffic lights were out and some government buildings were also affected. the power is slowly being restored in the city. cameras caught this man intentionally setting an apartment building on fire. you can see him here. he's going to pour gasoline all over the floor of the hallway
4:57 pm
and then he'll ignite the fire. two dogs run out and away from the flames. detroit firefighters say the building was occupied, but no one was injured. and the dogs are fine. there he is, pouring that gasoline. police are still looking for the suspect. now, it was a disturbing attack against a young mother walking down a street in new york when a robber kicked her in the back, knocked her to the ground and her baby was also knocked to the ground. as bryn gringis reports, the baby is fine but the mother is rattled. >> reporter: it an unexpected kick that terrified this bronx mother friday. >> describes it as she was stabbed somehow. >> repor the mother did not want to appear on camera and a translator told us she was worried most for her 3-month-old son jordan. now safe in his crib, jordan was strapped to his mother's chest when she was attacked from behind. watch surveillance video as police say 18-year-old alonzo
4:58 pm
brown catches her on her cell phone. she walks by him and he turns his head, seemingly making the decision to attack, and then he does. walking behind her and then he gets a running start and kicks her so hard, she falls to the ground. the baby lands first. >> i'm afraid i'm going to encounter him again every time i go out. >> thanks to god, because my baby boy is good now. >> reporter: they can't imagine who would attack a young mother, especially while carrying her child. so are residents of this community say that should never have happened. >> if i was right here, it probably never would have went down like that. >> the attacker has been identified through the surveillance video as 18-year-old alonzo brown, now in police custody, and charges are pending. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. a rabbi accused of using a ritual bath like a car wash to
4:59 pm
videotape naked women. right now at 5:00, a class action lawsuit accuses georgetown university in this growing scandal. and we're hearing how one student says she was tricked twice. murder mystery. in an upscale apartment building. why police are looking into a surprising twist involving the victim's roommate. and finally, some good news for anyone using the gw parkway. but it cannot come soon enough. first, we begin with storm team 4 coverage. more rain, more sleet creeping back into our region within this hour. and the roads wl be wet as this temperature takes a nosedive. let's get the latest from doug kammerer. >> guys, yesterday at this time we were at 70 degrees. and now 35 degrees in parts of the area. temperatures cut in half. and that's why we still have a winter weather advisory in parts of the region. rain moving back in. even though we have seen drizzle for most of the day, storm team 4 radar showing the rain just back to the west, and it's not picking up. the fog and drizzle around the region, we have seen that all day. it's a very cold drizzle.
5:00 pm
it has been one yuk of a day, and we do have more rain moving in. here's that rain right now back towards winchester, luray, petersburg, west virginia. areas in pink here mixing with and changing toward sleet, maybe freezing rain in parts of that region. that's why we stt winter wea advisory up. for areas to the west, including frederick county, hagerstown right down 81. and everybody to the west of the blue ridge, it does not include the d.c. metro area. we will see just rain here. i'll talk about how the rain will move in when it moves out and what to expect over the next couple days as this roller coaster will just continue. >> doug, thank you. new details on a breaking story in georgetown university now being pulled into the scandal involving that rabbi accused of secretly videotaping women. the news4 i-team broke this story online just about an hour ago. tisha thompson obtained the lawsuit and joins us now with more. tisha? >> jim, a third-year georgetown university law student only known as jane doe filed a


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